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The essential valuable for a beneficial nomad: 7 treasures of the Kazakhs

The essential valuable for a beneficial nomad: 7 treasures of the Kazakhs

The idea of “Jety Kazyna” – Eight Treasures keeps an alternate input brand new ideology of Kazakh some body.

You can disregard the signs and you will number, however, it doesn’t make enchanting functions any reduced, you cannot even imagine the the law of gravity of their power over the new destiny men and women. For a long time, in lot of nations, the quantity “seven” is actually experienced delighted and done, lively and better spirituality. Many things into the religions and kazakh opinions of the people, in the ways and you may research, during the vocabulary and you can people is linked to they.

The current presence of the brand new seven try noticed at each and every part of the nation all around us. Contemplate, 7 wonders of the globe, eight basic cards inside the musical, seven colors of your rainbow, seven days of your own month, an such like.

Kazakh anybody in addition to associate the quantity 7 which have numerous titles. (Jeti Yrys – 7 Lucks, Sprinkle і Jargy – an effective Corpus out-of Kazakh Customary Rules built from the Tauke Khan in 17 th century, Spraying і Galam – 7 Galaxies, Jet і Ata – Seven Years).

However, yet another devote the ideology out of Kazakh people is actually filled of the thought of “Jety Kazyna” – Seven Treasures. By the cost anyone imply this new eight needed components of life of a genuine people: masculinity off an early on son, a pleasant and you will brilliant girlfriend, an easy-footed horse, a searching fantastic eagle, a devoted Kazakhstan dogs known as Tazy (Main Far eastern greyhound) reproduce, a great guns, and total knowledge. With your seven gifts lifestyle seems done and you will happy.

Loved ones

As to the reasons the original part of “Spray і Kazyna” is actually “an early guy”? This really is told me of the fact that one is actually constantly your mind out of Kazakh group, nomads, he was a keen earner, a breadwinner, a guard of one’s clan. Given that Kazakhs state, an intelligent woman (wife) will bring wide range with the nearest and dearest. Work off a wife isn’t just to save the newest family relations hearth, plus so you can wisely allocate the new partner’s victim to end a great state when “banquet now and prompt the next day”. Furthermore, it is around a lady to take up children deserving of the dad. Your head of the nearest and dearest cannot bring up the children – he is constantly where you work, riding into his horse, google search. Mom instructs students so you’re able to value the father, to take on their deeds, and also to study on him. For this reason a lovely lover away from lifetime is in respect so you’re able to „Jeti Kazyna“ legendary customs – a sensible woman. This is genuine pleasure.

Incidentally elders in the Kazakhstan teach their children with the need to know their forefathers to the newest seventh age group. Seven once more! Kazakhs understand this „unwritten laws“ „Jeti Ata“ (Seven Years) which is still becoming passed more out-of generation to generation. Generally, Kazakhs in the morning up against the relationships ranging from family members the latest kinship matrimony. In order to have an excellent age bracket and avoid genetic problems, it’s taboo become linked to anybody around this new seventh age group. Now, a leading likelihood of rational or other diseases in children born during the marriage ceremonies ranging from close family unit members could have been scientifically proven. Our ancestors acted so naturally!

Around three family of one’s ‚jigit‘ (a young kid)

About three way more gifts from a genuine son on concept of nomads is around three faithful family members of your ‚jigit‘: a quick-footed horse, a beneficial tazy (greyhound), a hunting golden eagle. What you will a person get together with exposed hands? An organic predator, like the golden eagle, may be able to score hares, foxes, and even wolves!

Moreover, the newest Kazakhs thought that our home, in which a wonderful eagle lives, is protected from evil. Therefore, the brand new wings, feathers, and you can paws from the bird was indeed hung to the a keen respectable lay or above the head of your cradle. It had been considered that the latest sacred bird handles against the worst attention and you will people destroy, variety of functions as good talisman.

Tazy, good greyhound, was also a dedicated friend from the browse. It’s believed that with the wealth off tazy puppies, wealth and you will happiness come in our house. Nomads took care of puppies because birth, coached her or him incase new puppies was able, they were put out back into the brand new insane alongside the learn so you’re able to let your within the search. Finding the original prey on puppy are a genuine adventure. Tazy, and additionally a shopping bird and you will a pony, were usually delivered to higher ‚toi‘ (celebrations) and celebrations – these were the true pleasure away from a person.

During the Kazakh folklore, a pony try an essential spouse of a man. It is said “He’s perhaps not an excellent ‚jigit‘ in the event the he’s got never ever seated toward a horse”.

Did you know that Central China and you can, eg, Kazakhstan is considered to be the most appropriate set where horses were domesticated? Even now, when such dogs don’t possess like a great significance having nomads once the before, a great deal of horses will always be bred inside Kazakhstan. Steppe ponies remain an indispensable section of the newest social heritage and you can modern symbol of the nation. One of the most well-known of them this is the regional Kazakh horse reproduce.

Dogs with the breed is actually common, just as a great in most types of spends: as the a pony to own driving, as the an effective workhorse, and you will a supply of meat and you will milk products. A switch function of your Kazakh variety of kazakh ponies is the highest energy and you may emergency, that’s essential life on the steppes, broadening through the temperatures of your summer on freeze of winter. This particular aspect can make this horse suitable for recreations competitions as well in which fuel and you can endurance are more essential compared to speed from your pet.

The list of „Sprinkle і Kazyna“ closes with an effective weapons (Sabers, ribbon and arrows, „kamshy-pyshak“ – a-sharp knife which was undetectable on the deal with of horsewhip, etc.), that won’t falter within the handle; and you can total education which can help you him when deciding to take best highway in daily life and work out smart decisions.

Needless to say, now there is no way for all having a personal pony, an excellent tazy canine, a fantastic eagle – a society, area lives decides their unique rules and regulations. However, you will find guardians ones lifestyle! Normally it is genetic berkutchi (an effective falconer), hereditary hunters and you can bikers. Using him or her in addition to their efforts, you will find got the fresh new Connection regarding Federal Football in the Kazakhstan, plus google search that have query birds; various national situations as well as happen abreast of its initiative – falconer festivals, ethnic celebrations, ways symposia, and you will recreations where horses are an ines including baiga, kokpar, kyz-kuu. Due to these people, you can now feel closer to the brand new nomadic culture from Kazakh someone. You merely decide what hobby is the closest to help you your own center and after that you may start your vacation!