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From the two-thirds of the adolescents throughout the baseline questionnaire asserted that it was in fact sexually inexperienced

From the two-thirds of the adolescents throughout the baseline questionnaire asserted that it was in fact sexually inexperienced

The Level seven Opportunity got a preliminary-identity affect a couple of about three actions out of thinking toward adolescent parenthood. Multivariate investigation indicated that between standard and you can posttest 1, adolescents on the Stages 7 Enterprise was in fact reduced most likely than just those in the fresh new comparison group to look at the opinions you to definitely a beneficial teenage lady need to have an infant to prove her fertility, otherwise that a woman their age is in charge enough to feel a moms and dad (since the shown by bad coefficients to the variables „Group*Posttest step 1“ and „Group*Posttest 2“ within the Appendix Desk A4). Although not, the brand new Degrees seven Investment had no long-title influence on the things reflecting parenthood attitudes.

Among these participants, 17.5% of intervention group and fourteen.9% of one’s comparison group said having sex for the first time ranging from standard and posttest step one. By posttest 2, those types of sexually beginner at standard, 23.3% of your input group and you may twenty two.5% of one’s testing class advertised which have educated sexual intercourse (Dining table 4).

Sexual intercourse

Several multivariate logistic regression models was used to check on brand new impression of Degree eight Project to the an adolescent’s likelihood of introducing sexual activity after the beginning of the new Degree eight Venture, if you’re managing to possess sociodemographic services or other factors in the teenage intercourse. Such habits indicated that your panels had no high affect younger kids stepping into first intercourse, either in the newest temporary or perhaps the overall (Desk 5).

Additional factors, not, was indeed predictive regarding establishing sexual intercourse from inside the analysis months. Managing to other circumstances, boys was indeed twenty-seven moments more likely than simply women in order to report having got intercourse anywhere between baseline and you may posttest step one. Men was indeed and ten moments expected to say that they had got gender in the long term (between standard and posttest 2). Adolescents who had experimented with alcohol were 1.8 times apt to be as opposed reveal Telefoonnummer to others to state they’d experienced sexual activity temporarily, and you can 2.four times apt to be in the long term. In addition, teenagers exactly who went to chapel each week was 60% less likely to features engaged in earliest sexual activity ranging from baseline and you can posttest 1 compared to those whom attended chapel reduced appear to.

Use of contraception. Among teens exactly who basic educated sexual activity ranging from baseline and you may posttest step one, forty-five.5% of your own input category and you can 31.2% of review category advertised playing with a contraceptive means throughout basic intercourse. One of kids who earliest had intercourse ranging from baseline and you can posttest 2, 39% of the intervention category and you will thirty six% of the analysis classification stated having fun with birth control (Table cuatro).

Multivariate logistic regression indicated that among teenagers whom very first knowledgeable sexual gender within the 7th degrees (ranging from standard and posttest 1), teenagers regarding the Levels 7 Project were more than two times as more than likely than others regarding the investigations classification to use birth control (Desk 6). That it matchmaking decrease in short supply of mathematical benefits from the .05 level, but not, which have a P value of 0.08. The Values seven Enterprise did not have a significant impact on usage of contraception at first intercourse along the long haul (from the posttest 2).

This research analyzed the fresh new feeling out of a sex studies program, the newest Grade eight Opportunity, on more youthful Jamaican adolescents‘ initiation regarding sexual activity and make use of out-of birth prevention at first intercourse, and also the education and you may thinking that have a bearing on these practices. We counted the consequences of your Amount 7 Investment at end of the input (short-term) and one year post-intervention (longterm).

The project including influenced attitudes in the sexuality and pregnancy, perhaps showing a sophisticated out-of regard and value for women

We discovered that the brand new Degrees 7 Project had an optimistic short-label effect on the means to access birth control to start with sex. Even though this organization fell in short supply of statistical significance within .05 top, it’s worth mention given the quick shot measurements of only 91 teenagers. Brand new Levels 7 Opportunity didn’t come with mathematically extreme impact on the fresh adolescents‘ initiation out of sexual intercourse. However, they got a positive small-identity influence on several areas of the brand new adolescents‘ knowledge.